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Welcome to Sparks Design, where the artistry of crafting tables meets a mission to revive the cherished tradition of gathering around the dining table.

Sparks Design Custom Woodworks and CNC Services
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Our Story

In the heart of Sparks Design, our mission is to revive the tradition of gathering around the dining table. My partner Kayla and I believe in the significance of those shared meals, where conversations flow, laughter echoes, and bonds are strengthened.


We envision a return to the joy of dining as a family, free from the distractions of screens and the humdrum of daily life.

Just like our meticulously crafted tables, the Hummingbirds in our logo symbolize the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being. This creature gracefully hovers in our logo, weaving a tale that goes beyond design; it's a story of family, love, the essence of life, and the meticulous craft of functional art furniture.

The Hummingbird journey began in June 2019 during a cross-country trip with Brock, founder of Sparks Design, and his beloved grandfather, Marcus "Sparky" Sparks. In the embrace of nature, Sparky made a heartfelt promise that he would return as a Hummingbird after ascending to Heaven. In September 2019, he bid farewell, but his presence lives on in our work.

Our passion is to satisfy our customers to the precise likeness they desire, crafting legacy heirloom pieces that transcend mere functionality to become symbols of shared moments and connection.

Sparks Design is an invitation to elevate your space, create lasting memories, and embrace beauty that connects us all.


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